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Jill Swerdlow

Jill Swerdlow

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About Jill

Jill was born and raised in rural West Wales, but although she now chooses to live surrounded by the golden wheat fields of Southwest France, she is sure that it is those early years and the happy worry-free memories that have emotionally shaped her and explain why her work is an expression of inner peace and tranquillity.

In 2019 the apparition of COVID brutally ended Jill’s career in medical research, however, it allowed her to draw on the more artistic side of her personality. Not being able to paint or draw she never considered herself to be an artist, in fact at school art was always considered to be her worst subject, however, she always knew that somewhere inside her there was something! 

She painstakingly learned that by experimenting with post-processing techniques, and by using textures and overlays she could manipulate not only color but also light and pixels to create strong, slightly minimalist images that convey a powerful and emotional message.


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