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Jeanette Fonseca

Jeanette Fonseca

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About Jeanette

Jeanette Fonseca is an artist based out of Orlando, Florida who creates minimalistic abstract art. Her work emerges from the multifaceted influence of her heritage rooted in performing arts in New York City .  Her Grandmother, a seamstress, sewed costumes for Jeanettes ballet and flamenco performances, and her Grandfather was a Piano Tuner on  Broadway. From a young age, Art was always a fundamental part of her life. This background and journey has deeply informed her practice as she specializes in layered abstract interpretations that serve as a physical manifestation of her thoughts. Through vibrant palettes and environments, she invites the viewer to observe her perpetual meditation and conceptual vision, engaging in a visual conversation with her audience. From this engaged dialogue, Jeanette Fonseca hopes to share the unique energy of her creations with the world.   Jeanette's  artwork is carefully crafted with an eye for detail and has a unique feel – there is only one of each piece. She is sparing when it comes to putting brush to canvas, only making a mark when she is full of inspiration. . 



Jeanette is committed to exploring the fundamental elements of expression and creativity through the use of acrylic on canvas. Fonseca specializes in creating abstract patterns through the application of vibrant colors and textured brushstrokes. Her One of One pieces are characterized by the vibrant and bold colors that give each painting an expressive and dynamic presence. Fonseca's works evoke emotion through the combination of fluid abstraction and intentional precision that contribute to a unique expression of her creative practice of acrylic opaque blending techniques and non objective art to create a unique color mesh that creates vibrant background shades that convey a specific mood to the viewer. 


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