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Janusz Tworek
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Janusz “Janus” Tworek

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About Janusz

Artistic motto: “Emotions are everything, everything is emotions.”

Janusz “Janus” Tworek, lives in Krakow, Poland and in Tenerife. 

He has been an architect for almost 40 years. Like everyone who works in this profession, Janusz is suspended between artistic sensitivity and engineering precision of thinking. In addition to drawing and painting, he made attempts in the field of ceramics and stained glass. He is also involved in photography for most of his life. 

The unique atmosphere of Tenerife, the openness of the local population promotes self-development and work on oneself. Janusz is a self-taught painter. The awareness that one of the most outstanding contemporary painters, Francis Bacon, was also a self-taught artist, gives Janusz the strength to work and artistic development. 

The artist constantly observes reality, which is why he tries his hand at realistic and abstract painting. Apart from painting, he still draws with pencils, charcoal and pastels. Sometimes he uses other techniques as well. All this means that he does very diverse things, both in terms of mood and expression. Much depends on the atmosphere of the moment in which Janusz is. 

In Poland, the artist collaborates with several art galleries: Pikoteka, Ether, Kontroversjska, Avantgarden, ArtBay, MB-Artconsult. 

Janusz Janus Tworek also collaborates withPaks Gallery Wienna, ArtioGallery Toronto, Itsliquid Group Italy, The Holy Art Gallery London, Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid, APULIAASTE Turi Italy, and the Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome.

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