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Iris Lindlar
Iris Salzburger-Lindar

Iris Katharina

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About Iris

Iris Katharina Salzburger-Lindlar was born in Cologne and grew up in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. After an exciting time in the early years of her adult life in advertising and public relations at the music channel VIVA, she turned her back on the world of the beautiful after a few years in order to focus more on the disadvantaged people who are more marginalized in our society. She then began a part-time study and successfully completed her degree in social science.

For 10 years now, she has been managing an office for care management with two career supervisor for court-appointed care. In the course of her further life, this burdensome work gradually led her back to painting, a passion that she had suppressed for far too long and which she now practices in every free minute as a thankful compensation to her professional activity.

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