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Indre Vileniske
Indre Grazuleviciute-Vileniske

Indre Grazuleviciute-Vileniske

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About Indre

Indre has studied at Kaunas A. Martinaitis Art School, at painter’s A. Šatas drawing studio and R. Levulienė painting studio, in Kaunas University of Technology she has acquired architect’s profession. Currently she works both as a researcher in the field of architecture at Kaunas University of Technology and create art in her studio entitled “Wooden Fox”. 
She likes experimenting with various art techniques and mediums - oil and acrylic, ink, watercolor, markers, pastels, collage and digital art including Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art. She paints paintings, draw illustrations, make visual notes. The themes of her artworks range from everyday environment, especially nature and animals to alchemy and mysticism and up-to-date technologies and trends, such as AI, crypto etc. Indre could define herself as animal artist as well because almost all her works include some kind of animal, bird or other living creature or ecosystem feature either as straightforward representation or as a symbol. If to summarize the idea that is behind her artworks it would be: “a complex living world full of various creatures and entities both real and imaginative”.
She has participated in more than 20 art events, organized her individual art exhibitions, participated in collective exhibitions.

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