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Helen Williams
Helen Williams

Helen Williams

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About Helen

Helen grew up through the 60’s in a very rural area and was able to spend much of her time out doors.   Her abiding passion for the natural world springs from there. When not able to go out she would draw the things she saw or would be found in a corner reading. To climb a tree was to mount a steed for adventure or to go aboard ship and sail to distant shores. Imagination.  

With her mother leaving home whilst in her early teens and an older brother leaving for the bright city lights soon after, Helen helped her Dad round the home whilst going through Secondary education. A suppressing of self and imagination. Though gaining an ‘A’ level in art she had no inner passion to drive her to make a career of it.  Work, marriage to a serving soldier and children filled her life with the usual busy-ness of love, laughter and sadnesses that often suppresses creativity. In 2018 the sudden death of her youngest, Gavin, aged just 28, flipped her world upside down, yet it also became an opportunity to embrace the emotions held in that grieving. That process of embracing allowed an opening of heart to a space that would bring so much more.  A holding of space to lovingly allow her husband to grieve in his own way. To come to see how life is to be lived now. To reconnect to that inner chid that was in and of nature all those years ago.  Re-igniting imagination whilst igniting a passion for creating painted moments of serenity that offer her insights to her inner world and how that shapes relationship to the world in her view. 

Whether with energetic sweeps and swooshes or more refined additions, each layer, complete in and of its self, is a building a wholeness of image. A daily practicing of her craft over the past couple of years has lead to a seeing that these works aren’t simply for her alone but will be of benefit to all who choose to spend time with them, to be with it like one would a book.     

Each intuitive work comes with little fore thought or preparation. A soul spirited guidance of heart to brush and paint. Every art work is part of me and carries that essence of me encoded in each image, Soul and Art, not separate but unified in creation. Images that invite the viewer to simply rest and breathe, to feel as they need to feel in each moment.

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