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Heidi Minetti

Heidi Minetti

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About Heidi

Danish artist, a self-taught painter. Painting is here happy place.
Heidi Minetti is inspired into the fantasy world, and always a unique narrative story to tell, from complex and deep emotions experience from life. Heidi creates figurative paintings and sculptures fore more than 8 years. Following here heart to keep going on with here artist journey. Heidi constantly encourages here self to breakthrough barriers, to become here authentic self. Making art and expressing here self creatively have always served as potent forms of personal evolution and growth.
Heidi Minetti is an intuitive painter, and there is simply not one right way to express her paint, anything goes. She mostly uses here own home made paint from nature. She paints both what she sees and what she feel - focusing on the sensation and context of here experience. Heidi works traditional and with innovative techniques, with different kind of stuff from nature. Heidi’s palette is characterized by a richness of collars, and a timbre of burnt colors. It is here intention, that the works can enrich the viewer, that brings you in touch with new experiences within you. She works with several transparent layers, and material, and drying time is therefore over several days. The works are produced using different techniques and methods, and the selection offers a varied expression. Each work is an amazing process and experience, an enhancement of the magic. Heidi also does single education, it is very popular and requires no prior knowledge.


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