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Hanna Sedziwa
Hanna Sedziwa

Hanna Sedziwa

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About Hanna

Hanna Sedziwa is a self-taught Polish artist currently based in Tonbridge UK.
After more than 20 years of working in a completely different industry and also being a Mum to her three children, her well- settled life collapsed nearly overnight. She faced a serious illness (cancer and covid) which later appeared to be a game-changer in her life. After an extremely challenging an life-threatening year, one night she had a very vivid dream in which she saw herself painting and selling her art. It was one of “these” dreams when “you know that you know ” and she is sure that you understand what she means that this is a calling to change direction in your life and you need to take action. On the next day she started to create her art. Hanna is deeply convinced that she has been led to bring joy, hope or encouragement to many, in the same way as the process of creating her art is joyful, exciting and transformational for her. Her art, often inspired by decay and transformation of materials, is created mostly on canvas. She loves to experiment with mixed media.

“I've been saved by God and art.” (Hanna Sedziwa)

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