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Giuseppina Insinga
Giuseppina Insinga

Giuseppina Insinga

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About Giuseppina

Giuseppina Insinga, born with a passion for art in all its forms, lives and works in Mistretta, her hometown.

After years of artistic training, during which he obtains the Diploma of Master of Art and the Diploma of Maturity of Art applied to Advertising Graphics and Photography, he chooses to continue his vocation, thus enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, where he graduated in Graphic Art with full marks and honors.

In the following years she continued her improvement in the various disciplines, focusing in particular on the field of gilding.

She is a portraitist, landscape painter, an expert in graphic art and publishing, she is also involved in scientific illustration.

For several years she held the role of Master of Art, committing herself to stimulate people with disabilities by improving their cognitive abilities through the use of artistic techniques.

You participate in various national and international competitions and collective exhibitions, including "Africa" ​​- a graphic art for the heart mission for life - at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Monreale.


In recent years, on display at Art Gaudium Gallery and more recently at Studio Arte22, she has also taken part in several virtual exhibitions such as:

- Art Impression - Italian artist 2021 - e

- Horizons - Art Impression II - in 2022


She has also participated in international awards, such as:

- Masters Award in Milan

- 1st City of Berlin Prize

- Trophy artist of the year 2022


Love and total dedication to art continue to be the driving forces for her artistic and personal growth.

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