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Gio Barragan
Gio Barragán

Gio Barragán

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About Gio

Gio was born in Colombia, the daughter of architect parents. She is an Industrial Designer and Interior Architect by profession. Painting is something that she has enjoyed for more than 25 years.

Everything she does always converges into something very similar; manage to communicate a message or make people feel something through different shapes, colors, contrasts and arrangement of elements. When she paints she expresses her most intimate feelings and she captures them directly in her works, either through color, the different textures, the multiple nuances and each one of the disruptive brushstrokes that she makes and that they make part of her features and artistic footprint.

Her beginnings in painting come from her parents, who painted in their free time and filled her with inspiration when I was little.

That's how she grew up carrying art inside of her. Until, in 2020, upon her arrival in Mexico she decided to take painting classes with the artist Lourdes Berbeyer, where she learned technique and everything about shading, volume, lighting and everything related to oil painting.

Later she began to look for her own style and to experiment with the different techniques.

In this way she began to produce her paintings letting herself be carried away by her knowledge and what she felt at the time.

Her main style is abstract painting, she likes to focus on the emotion of the moment beyond the details. That is why, although she begins to paint with an idea in mind, she likes to take the result to something that is unpredictable.

Her influences are largely based on her apprenticeship as an architect and interior designer, where she got to know the work of many artists. Also on the other hand, her paintings are influenced by her cultural experiences, from which Gio has learned in different trips around the world.

To date she has created more than 25 works. Which some are already decorating some spaces.

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