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Gabriele Gracine

Gabriele Gracine

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About Gabriele

Gabriele a self-taught digital artist. Later in life, thinking she had no artistic abilities, she unexpectedly discovered a potential talent for digital art. The next two and a half years she spent up to ten hours every day teaching herself all aspects of the digital medium and exploring her new found passion. As her confidence and abilities grew, she felt she was ready to present her work to the public and she began submitting her art work for various events near her home in Colorado. Eventually Gabriele secured representation in a gallery in the electic artists community of Madrid New Mexico, approximately 25 miles south of Santa Fe. Her images have been selected for numerous awards from a variety of online galleries nationally and internationally.

Immersing herself in the creative process has enriched every aspect of her existence beyond anything she could ever have imagined.


Artist Statement

Gabriele is an intuitive artist. She bypasses her conscious mind to create directly from her subconscious or unconscious. Her art is an emotional reflection of her inner landscape. Each image is simultaneously a reflection from her past, a snapshot of the present and a preview of the future as her energies exist in all these realms. Allowing her images to lead her in their creation enables her to let go of expectations, frees her from control and enhances her creativity. Gabriele invites mystery, surprise and delight to her artwork. She strives for profoundly personal communication with the viewer, hoping to create an image of visual poetry that is uniquely personal and extends an invitation to enter the extraordinary digital world.


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