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Frank Pallasch

Frank Pallasch

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About Frank

Born 1964 in Worms, Germany; 1983-1990 Frank studied architecture in Darmstadt, where he gained experience in art subjects such as e.g. freehand drawing, screen printing, sculptural design with clay with Professor Böhm and others. From 1990 to 2015 he worked as an architect.

Then, he moved into the artistic milieu and as a self-taught artist, he brings techniques and knowledge about color theory, image composition and materials science. He prefers to work in mixed media using oil and acrylic paints, linseed oil, ink, pigments etc. Wood serves as a base and partly as the material, because of its different surface structures and ages the works get a certain plasticity.

A material that has already been used is put to a new use and thus a new one functional level raised. The works usually consist of several layers. Even if they initially arising from “gut instinct”, they are subject to an almost strict structure.

The basic principle is often a grid or a right angle. The contrast between sharp demarcated geometric shapes and flowing transitions, between old and new, smooth and rough as well as the combination of muted versus bright colors gives the works additional tension. A partial “surface refinement” takes place through the use of impact metals such as gold, silver and copper instead. This creates wooden reliefs as well as picture and mirror frames. The creations reflect the inner conflict between the urge for perfection and the desire for order on one side and chaos on the other.

Between 2015 and today he has visited numerous artist-, craft- and creative markets the region and exhibited in wineries. The last solo exhibition took place in the Worms Cultural Center took place in August this year.

Since 2023, Frank Pallasch has been operating under the name “Pallaschs Kunsterbunt” 


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