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Emilie Lainé

Emilie Lainé

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About Emilie

From an early age, Emilaine has been passionate about the fine arts and painting in particular. After studying in more traditional fields, she began studying art, starting with an introductory course in applied arts (MANAA) and continuing with a course in illustration (CESAN). She then turned to a short course in academic drawing (Conservatoire de dessin et de peinture de Paris) and finally took private lessons in oil painting as well as regular group lessons in abstract painting, which enabled her to practice abstraction. Her first abstract paintings date from 2017, and she began to really professionalize in 2021 with the creation of a website dedicated to her paintings and the publication of her work on social networks.

What she likes about abstract painting is expressing herself through bright, intense colors, random shapes and contrasts. She also appreciates the repetition of motifs in a painting, which creates a strong visual impression. Creating, bringing to life a painting that will convey emotions and question the viewer, is what makes her happy. Each painting may be partly imagined in advance, and she sometimes thinks about its composition as it comes to life on canvas, but there's always an element of spontaneity where an accidental gesture can create something beautiful and harmonious. Admittedly, the absence of existing figures in a painting, such as faces or landscapes, makes it more complex to read, but it's a way of touching each and every one of us. There are no keys to understanding or specific knowledge to apprehend each painting, which is accessible to all, thanks to its universal and modern character, representative of our times. 


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