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Elena Romanini
Elena Romanini

Elena Romanini

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About Elena

Elena was born in Rome and she studied painting decoration at the Mario Mafai art school, starting to experiment with various artistic techniques and falling in love with painting.

Although interrupted during the university years dedicated to the study of archeology, her passion for painting re-emerged after graduation and led her to prefer works made with the oil on canvas technique, works made with acrylic and finally works in ink on paper.

When she timidly began to paint again, she chose, at first involuntarily and then in an increasingly conscious way, subjects portrayed in everyday and familiar moments and gestures behind which, however, beauty is hidden in its simplest and purest and at the same time strongest form.

It is in this context that her first paintings are placed: portraits of ordinary people, immortalized in simple moments, which are taken to a new dimension, the artistic dimension, where everything, even the apparently most banal and small one, can become beautiful.

Over time her interest has shifted towards the representation of the female figure and the study of light.

In addition to figurative oil production, Elena’s curiosity led her to experiment with abstract acrylic painting, of which she immediately loved the instantaneity and the ability to communicate strong and impromptu emotions.

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