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Elena Cavanna
Elena Cavanna

Elena Cavanna

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About Elena

Elena was born and lives in Piacenza, where she worked from 1991 to 2022 in an architecture studio. Between 2013 and 2017 she attended courses at the Felice Gazzola Institute.

It is drawing the first technique to which she devotes herself with dedication. She soon joins photography, poetry and sculpture. She approaches the canvas with acrylic colors, exploring different languages and styles, always very original. Creativity and versatility are the "cornerstone" words of her tireless work. Knowledge of architecture allows her to appropriate space and shape it by giving it new, unpredictable forms, but always supported by balanced chromatic relationships.

In 2021 she won first place in the International Painting Competition, on the occasion of the exhibition at Palazzo Galli of Antonello Da Messina's ECCE HOMO, Banca di Piacenza.

Collective exhibition:

- I mille di Sgarbi (Cervia, 2019)

- Pro Biennale (Venezia, 2020)

- I mille di Sgarbi (Castiglion Fiorentino2020/21)

- Artisti D’Italia (Monza 2022)

- Arte Spoleto 2022 (Spoleto 2022)


Solo exhibition:

- Dell’idea si nutre il futuro (Nibbiano 2018)

- Eufonia del silenzio e del colore (Castell’Arquato, 2018)

- Il cielo nel teatro (Cortemaggiore 2019)

- Il mondo delle foglie (Piacenza 2022)

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