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Didier Merlin
Didier Merlin

Didier Merlin

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About Didier

Didier has been painting stills since the nineties, initially for the preciousness of the renderings and the many possibilities they offer, above all aesthetic without really want to express something, then by refining his approach, with "prepared" glasses the expression comes forward.

For an exhibition at the Musée du Revard (museum of fixed under glass above Aix-les-Bains), departing for format issues, he used acrylic glass plus light and less fragile, and there he discovered a medium that allows him a great rigor in the drawing and to be able fix hisfantasy very often inspired by our news; without taking a position or judging the facts, he does not put neither his indignation nor his wonder just his fancy.

He works with the tools of "street art" stencil and paint in spray and also in a traditional way; in the first place he draws on paper at 1/1 size, he places it under his glass acrylic and he engraves he drawing with dry point, then he applies the colors with a brush or a bomb, everything is done upside down, he starts with the details and end with the funds once the funds are finished we keep it or throw it away retouching possible; his sets are signed on the back on the base coat before placing the cardboard on it; the signature, it only saw through him.

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