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Nina Enger


I have been working with Alessia Perone for quite some time and have only good things to say about her. I find her trustworthy, professional and extremely efficient, always delivering on target. She shows a genuine interest in the artworks, which is reflected in her thorough reviews. She is polite, responsive and flexible and I really enjoy working with her. 

Susanne Walser_edited.jpg


To do an exhibition with Alessia Perone and the Arteom Gallery is a great pleasure and a great honor for me. The paintings are exhibited very professionally and presented excellently on the homepage. The opportunity to present my works in this way fills me with incredible joy. A very special pleasure is the description of my own painting style and the great description of the pictures. The contact with Alessia is always very friendly and with honoring words.

Gro Heining


I have known Alessia Perone since 2020, and congratulate her on the creation of the unique Arteom Gallery. I have participated  in the exhibitions «Future» and «Surreality» which confirm her expertise  as an art curator and abiding love of visual art together with her open, warm and caring personality. I have learned a great deal  about my own art through our collaboration.

Priscilla VK.jpg


The exhibition is magnificent, all the works are highlighted, the visit of the gallery is fluid. I would like to thank Alessia for her kindness and her help. She is a wonderful person and listens to me. I'm very happy to have been able to exhibit at Arteom Gallery.

Andreas Angleitner


I am very happy with all the services and kind communication between me and the director of the gallery, Alessia Perone. The exhibition space was well created/chosen so my artwork had a really good atmosphere. The painting's expression was really great. Thank you very much!

Robert Johnson.jpg


I have worked with Alessia Perone and Arteom Gallery during two exhibitions. Both were virtual and online. Neither could have been more pleasing or visually exciting for viewers. Even more exceptional was Alessia’s professionalism and energetic approach to “just getting things right!” Our communication was efficient and very productive. I can not state how pleasant it was working with her this year. What a pro!

Olivier Petit-Helle.jpg


I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of Mrs. Alessia Perone and by the quality of the work during the "Surreality" exhibition. I recommend and will continue to recommend Arteom Gallery.

Kat Kleinman.jpeg


I have worked with Alessia Perone's ARTEOM Gallery on two exhibitions now, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure. She responds to emails promptly, and she is always polite and pleasant. I have enjoyed working with Alessia!

Camilla Fransrud


I have good words to say about Arteom Gallery and Alessia Perone. She is professional and really interested in the artworks and you as an artist. I would like to thank Alessia for her kindness. I truly enjoy working with her and I am happy to see my artworks displayed at Arteom Gallery.

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