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Claudia Hernandez Brito
Claudia Hernandez-Brito

Hernandez - Brito

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About Claudia

Claudia Hernandez Brito is a 24-year-old Cuban American collage artist and chemist based in Philadelphia, PA. She started making collage art in 2021, when the drastic changes of the global pandemic encouraged her to return to her artistic roots and reevaluate her passions. Claudia was inspired by the beautiful and vibrant array of models, textiles, and textures in fashion magazines, as well as the diverse mix of strong women in her life. Thus, she learned to transform her physical collages into surreal digital compositions that blend the complexities and sensibilities of women with colorful nature motifs. As of now, Claudia works as a chemist for a major pharmaceutical company, but after work hours, she continues to develop her art by exploring different cutting techniques, color patterns, and digital image manipulations.

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