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Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans

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About Christopher

Christopher Evans has loved art all of his life but as a child he was told he wasn’t enough which stuck with him until 2017 when he had a personal traumatic event followed by a need to paint which he hasn’t stopped since. During studying Mindfulness during the 2020 lockdown he found that he has a brain condition called “Aphantasia” where he cannot visualize or had any other inner senses available to him: this helped him find processes to create an enquiry into his subconscious. He knew there was a magical source and he just had to seek what was there through painting. His process begins with a free mind and connection to his love of color and playfulness, the painting begins emerge. His source of inspiration comes from the ideas of being yourself and using your subconscious created by the COBRA group who existed  just after WW2. Painting is joy and dedication: he paints for the sake of painting. 

2023 brought new developments in his paintings being seen by the wider world and received many new connections with Galleries across the world one being Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, The Holy Art Gallery, Virtual Artists, Itsluiquid group, Rossocinabro gallery in Rome, MONART Gallery in Madrid and most recently Arteom Gallery. 


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