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Catherine Conway

Catherine Conway

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About Catherine

Catherine Conway comes from Dublin, Ireland, and she is a visual artist, specializing in painting, mostly of landscapes, nature and architecture. She is in her sixth decade and she has been painting in earnest for the last ten years, a revolution in itself where she has spent a lot of time developing her skills with different techniques and materials. She enjoys using different types of mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, cold wax, but her preferred material to work with is oils. She works on different surfaces such as canvas boards, deep edge canvases, watercolor paper, wooden boards and slates, all in a variety of sizes depending on the vision she has for the work. Her work is mostly on commissioned pieces, which she enjoy making personal for her clients. She is a member of the Allied Irish Bank Arts Society, and she contributes annually to an exhibition called “Incognito” which is held in aid of an Irish charity, the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. She finds this very rewarding to know she is giving back, and to see the popularity of the art sales increasing every year. She also spends a period of time outdoor painting with the Fingal Plein Air Group, through which there are regular exhibitions of work at various different locations along the east coast of Ireland. In the last few years, Catherine has begun delving into Botanical Art, which she thoroughly enjoys as it is extremely detail orientated, and uses different skills to that of her commissioned work. Through this network she showcases work regularly, in addition to many national exhibitions, such as that of the Georgian Society in Dublin City, and will feature in a Leinster Art Fair in Co. Kildare later this year. 

She is inspired by nature, and the constant changes in that world, with regards to new life in plants and animals, and the impact it has on our built environment. Over the years, this has influenced her to revolutionize the way she uses materials and colors to highlight and present a different perspective on the world around us. There are always more layers to what we see initially, and she likes to explore this by presenting a different perspective on the world, for example a plain grey brick wall could actually be made up of different colors such as greys, browns, different shades of blue, purple, orange and even red.She likes to use bright and strong colors through mediums such as oils, acrylics and watercolors. These pieces were created during the pandemic period of 2021, in total, she created fifty pieces throughout that year.  


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