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Candi Soul Sparkles

Candi Soul Sparkles

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About Candi

As a true visionary and deeply inspiring soul, artist Candi Soul Sparkles brings a certain spiritual synergy to each and every experience that her heart has encountered. She uses her artistic capabilities to transcend the evils of dogma and doubt with a timeless statement on the value of spirituality, love, self-love, and healing. 

Soul Sparkles has been blessed by Yashiya with an incredible soul and beautiful perspectives and that is what has shaped much of her life and it shows in her art! Candi Soul Sparkles an Icelandic happy little soul who was made to create as much unique interesting beauty as she possibly can! She is always so honored to display all her creations deeply praying it brings overwhelming love, joy, happiness and deep thought to as many souls as possible. Soul Sparkles loves being an artist, cherishing the gift Yashiya gave her and she loves to see how other souls express feeling when experiencing her soul art heart! 


“I love being Icelandic & a free spirit artist, being an artist & expressing myself is so important to me. I feel so close to my beautiful Icelandic Grandparents as they both taught me to never fear being authentic because that is what makes me unique & special, they were such creative precious souls as well who gave me such great support & drive for my dreams, I love them so truly in my soul they are my loves & a colossal part of my heart. I’m deeply passionate about life & every stroke of the brush, the pen, pencil or my tiny fingers, the colours, at the moment my spirit feels something, the time has come to create so I dive into the realm of my artistic being & begin to dance in the glow of it all, I desires each time I puts my hands to the creative that my love leaps into my artworks and comes forth into the soul of everyone who sees it, I prays that it always brings love and new life to you and each soul that gets to view it or take it home! I truly believes a dream or hope differed makes the heart grow sick, therefore it’s my souls obligation to do this passion of arts and stay faithful to it simply because I absolutely love it so very much, it is gift that continues to give to me and supports in bringing wealth of spirit, healing and health to me!”  

~Soul Sparkles 


Soul Sparkles loves doing exhibitions all over the earth and being able to share her gift in this style  a few more prestigious and amazing exhibitions were, presented by the Count Dr. Thomas Maes “Night Of Contemporary” Art at Villa Moma in Chania, Crete, Greece,  Borderless, Beyond The  Frame presented by Norwegian Cultural Center, Oslo, Norway,  “Where the Soul Shines, A heart adventure that masks the soul Sparkle” a solo exhibition presented by U1 Gallery in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea, Capital Culture House in Spain & Medina Art Gallery in Roma, Italia presented exhibition “EMPERORS”, she was also presented by HMVC in New York City a Solo Exhibition titled: “My Icelandic Queendom” which was presented also in Times Square 4 times, “Plethora” The Holy Art, in London, “Wanderlust” presented by Art Maison Gallery, she has been offered a place in the DEARTE Medinaceli Foundation Museum from Capital Culture House and Guto Ajayu Culture which is very wonderful opportunity, there are many more awards & exhibitions as well on the way which she is very excited for!  Soul has been awarded many times for her art as well, a few to name here, 

- International Prize Donatello presented at the Borghese Palace - Florence.

- International Prize Leonardo da Vinci for her artistic merit.

- Presented at the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci" - Milan

- International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts presented at the  Scuola Grande of San Teodoro  Venice. 

- Private Invitation Art Diamond presented at The Francesco Gonzaga Museum and at the Gonzaga Diocesan Museum in Mantua.

Which all presented her in beautiful books and magazines along with stunning Italian sculpted trophy’s and certificates for her artwork. Another book she was asked to take part in was presented by Bellamonti Art in Helsingborg, Sweden, titled “The World Art Guide”. She has also won other prestigious awards for her artworks such as a “Harmony for humanity” award, she has been offered a place in and more. Visit her artist website, Instagram, personal art gallery or enjoy the specialty limited edition pieces made specifically for the lovely Galleri Soho.


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