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Camilla Fransrud
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Camilla Fransrud

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About Camilla

Camilla Fransrud is an Norwegian contemporary painter. Born in Oslo in 1974. 

She now lives in the heart of Norway, Trondheim, and has lived here for 28 years. She started painting in 2017 ,and ever since childhood she has had a deep and unique passion for Photography. Through her love for photographic art, she also discovered her passion for painting. She paints on canvas with acrylic, mixing her own colors, she uses chalk, palette knife, various textures and mixed media. She is self-taught in both art forms ,and what she attempts to evoke in her art is that you can feel te painting. In the fingertips ,sense it ,not only look at it.

“Let me give you one breath ,one moment of poetic stillness”. To her, the process of painting is just as essential as breathing.

She has had three separate exhibitions in Trondheim. She has also received  The International Prize  “Caravaggio Master of Art in Milano April-2022 for the painting “Salt of The Earth”.

She has also being a part of the biggest Earth day event in 2022 Tonatzin- A Call for Mother Earth.

She will attend to the International Prize Paris, located in the Art shopping Carrousel du Louvre 21-23 oct 2022.

Summer exhibition 18-19 June and 25-26 June 2022 at gallery Q in  Trondheim

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