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Brandon Freeman

Brandon Freeman

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About Brandon

Brandon Freeman, or “Brandoni”, has been oil painting for 22 years, attempting to discover what is hidden within his inexorable subconscious. There is a spontaneity in his approach to art that involves his emotions and how pigments and textures speak to him at a given moment. Not unlike Rodin, who spoke of the sculpture inside the stone waiting to be revealed, Brandoni seeks out the revelation from the canvas… and his heart. He has been a dancer, a deeply physical and thoughtful performing artist through a journey of 30 years.

Painting in the abstract, he chooses to explore the undefinable and intangible transcendence he feels in his actions as a dance artist and, thus, paint with a more physical, experiential, and emotionally driven approach. He has had exhibitions and sold work at ODC Performance Gallery, The Rite Spot, and Caffe Trieste in the San Francisco Bay Area; and has been recognized internationally by the Pinacothéque in Luxembourg.

Mr. Freeman served 11 years in the Army National Guard, and has been a professional dancer for 30 years; touring, teaching, performing, and affecting thousands of audience members worldwide. He thrives in sharing his art and the beauty he sees in human expression. Real. Uninhibited. Visceral. Transcendent.

A true artist has an opportunity to expose and share their soul in their medium. So it is with the honesty of this exposure Brandoni presents his work.


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