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Bogdan Maximovici

Bogdan Maximovici

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About Bogdan

Doctor of Visual Arts, Graduated in Fine arts , Baccalaureate in Fine Arts.


Artist Statement

Bogdan is a visual artist specializing in wall art. 

His art wants to be a window to discover new ways of exploring and knowing this world and tries to bring before the public an image of a real and tangible alternative reality that man has always had access to.

Making the invisible visible is first and foremost a unique vision, a search for the truth about ourselves as infinite beings in the infinite, and a discovery of the multiple realities in which we live, manifest, and exist.

His intentions are to bring before the viewer an image of an unseen but real and tangible world. He tries to render in his works the image of the invisible that exists and manifests in this world but which cannot be seen but only felt and experienced through the prism of emotions and states of perception extended beyond the limits of this material plane.

The human being has a huge potential which is still in a latent, potential state but which can be brought to its maximum point of manifestation through knowledge and awareness. Man has the ability to give full of love kindness and joy qualities with which he is endowed and which makes him such a unique being in the universe.

Bodgan wants to continue to explore and seek knowledge beyond the limits of this physical world and bring this knowledge to those around him through the prism of the images he creates.



Personal exhibitions


2017 November 3-26 solo exhibition " New Earth " 38 works at art gallery in Mistelbach, Austria


National (some of them)

2023 March 17 - May 8 " The Wrong Side of Heaven " Nicolae Mantu Galați Gallery

2022 December 13 2022 – March 20, 2023 "Poses" - Small Gallery, (university hall) "George Enescu" University of Arts, Faculty of Visual and Design Iasi - Copou

2022 November 29 - December 12 "Chronicles of Time - The Beginning" Aparte Iași Gallery

2020 December 16 "About dreams" - Small Gallery, (University Hall) University of Arts "G. Enescu" Faculty of Visuals and Design Iasi - Copou


Group and collective exhibitions


2022 November 12-19 Group Exhibition "Around the square" Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art – James Madison University Virginia USA


With international participation

2023 Exhibition "The Little Prince" XXVIII edition, UAPR branch Satu Mare, and the Satu Mare Art Museum, - May 14

2023 of the A4 Small Graphics Salon, IX edition

2022 of the A4 Small Graphics Salon, VIII edition


National (some of them)

2023 Exhibition "Myths and traditions" June 8, Roznovanu Palace Iași

2023 INVENTICA exhibition (June 6-30, 2023), in the BLUE TOWER gallery (next to the TUAISI Rectorate)

2023 EUROINVENT Exhibition (8-30 May 2023), in the ALCHIMIA gallery at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection - TUIASI

2023 Exhibition "RELIGION, MEDICINE, SCIENCE AND ART" April 10 May 10, Roznovanu Palace Iasi

2023 Exhibition "Colors of the soul" Braunstein Palace Iași (March 23-30)

2022 Exhibition "Dialogue with the Sacred" 12th edition Iasi

2022 Exhibition "Artis" Iasi

2022 "AM3" 29 June Galeria Aparte Iași

2022 "VISUAL COMMUNICATION" May 26 - French Cultural Institute

2022 "Inventica" 2022 "Technē - The Invention of Art" 23 June Casa Balș

2022 "EUROINVENT 2022" 30 May Casa Balș

2022 Night of museums May 14 Roznovanu Palace

2022 Exhibition "RELIGION, MEDICINE, SCIENCE AND ART" April 15 Roznovanu Palace Iasi


Awards and nominations 

2023 Diploma Inventica / June 22, 2023 Iași Romania

2023 Euroinvent 2023 silver medal

2022 Painting prize nomination - Artis Iași

2021 Euroinvent 2021 Gold Medal

2018 Gold medal "Golden Lime" Botoşani

2013 Graphic award nomination - Artis Iasi WTC

2009 III Prize "Aparte" Exhibition Iasi

2008 First prize at the "Artis" Salon, decorative art section.

2004 Decorative arts nomination – Artis Iași


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