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Birgitta Goerke

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About Birgitta

Born in Sweden, as a child in West Berlin, later in Munich and Upper Bavaria, she spent two stimulating years in Tanzania. For a long time now she has been living near Stuttgart, but is am still very attached to my old home regions.

She has loved photography since her youth, from analogue to digital, and she has learned a lot through various courses and workshops.

Painting and drawing became important to her since 2009, various artists have inspired her and accompany her in workshops during her experiments with the most diverse techniques.


Artist Statement

The idea of combining and connecting runs through her artistic work. In addition to combining art forms, materials and opposing ideas, it is important to her to bring people of different age groups and cultures into contact through the medium of art. 

Lately, her work has again focused strongly on photography, which she has been doing since my youth, and its combination with other artistic techniques. She often focus on placing motifs in unusual contexts and combining them. So she doesn't limit herself to one genre, but deals with landscape and architecture, but also with plants, animals and people. Because life is diverse, colorful, sometimes black and white, contradictory and reconciliatory. Her work is also permeated by thoughts of preservation, further development and change.

Change often comes about by involving the exhibition visitors by offering interactive art. All in all, her own artistic position is in the field of tension between remembering, clinging, letting go, transforming, combining.


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