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Biggi Vrgov
Biggi Vrgov

Biggi Vrgov

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About Biggi

She is an entrepreneur, interior designer, model, artist and a new mom. She is obsessed with fashion. Biggi it is her name and fashion it is her game.

Currently she is commuting between Germany, Poland, North Macedonia, and the UAE. She is a workaholic and art to her is her vent to destress and to express her self creatively. 

She started to paint in 2009 after a tragic death of her beloved father. At first it was like a therapy to her. So she dived in to the world of art and tried to process her loss. She wanted to follow her  father’s advice who told her in early years to live life to the fullest, to enjoy it and to never look back! To her, art became an expression of her soul. Her paintings are full of positive vibes that radiate pure beauty, passion and joy. In a fast-living world full of black & white and a whole lot of grey in between, She  would like to look beyond and discover the beautiful colors of the world and that are within her soul. Realizing how beautiful and gracious the world is. 

She usually starts to paint when others go to sleep. That’s where her mind is the clearest and when the creativity gets the very best of me. She lets her thoughts and feelings run wild and free when She does the canvas dance. Whether by brush or hand, when she paints, she feels this special connection with the canvas and can feel each and every line that she creates. It’s as if it speaks to her. The result of each painting is like an adventure to her! Her passion for what she does, and her  optimistic nature is always reflected in her work. 

Each day she enjoys the sweetness of life and that’s where her inspiration comes from: from the love that surrounds her and the wonderful people she meets on her journey. Love is everything. To her life without love is equivalent to a burger without ketchup.

Her aspiration with each painting that she creates is that it will meet you high spirited and put a big smile onto your face - no matter how stressful the day. She hopes that her paintings will bring you luck, satisfaction, and pure joy. May it bring out the sparkle in your soul and remind you what a miracle you are. 

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