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Ayaka Saitou

Ayaka Saitou

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About Ayaka

Born September 4, 1984 in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture (Japan).

Ayaka has been interested in painting since she was young. Books, movies, theater, architecture, culture, history. She grew up touching various things: language, history, philosophy, psychology, literature, art, mathematics, physics, chemistry, brain science, education, sociology, economics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, liberal arts, music, law, medical knowledge and research. She learnt every-thing in a wide range of ways (all self-taught), from elementary school to high school graduation. She participated in a lot of volunteer activities.  Thinking about “living” in it start to do “Living knowledge” without going to university. 

Ayaka chose the path of a hairdresser to learn beauty skills, beauty history, skin care, acquiring technology while learning all the beauty. Vidal Sassoon's technology Learn from Toshiko Ishiyama. The pursuit of beauty, the thinking of living art, everything is. It’s connected to her now while working as a hairdresser. All academics and human studies, psychology. She thinks about and aim to build a theory. Retired as a hairdresser due to autoimmune disease after marriage and childbirth further pursuing human research and psychology in earnest construction of theory. For a reason all activities started in June 2022. She started from scratch, working as a human researcher, building a theory as a psychologist. As a creator who thinks about “living”, she starts writing an article with note, starts posting paintings on Instagram in August. Create art that links with humans and named it “link line art”. Now she is active as a digital artist.


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