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Anna Sophia Rydgren
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Anna Sophia Rydgren

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About Anna Sophia

Anna Sophia Rydgren a.k.a. ARYA is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist based in Stockholm whose works have been featured in collections and exhibitions in the US and Europe. Fusing minimalism with sculptural structures, geometric abstraction, and graphic shapes in both muted and vibrant colors, her work pays homage to the commonalities between these incredibly groundbreaking and distinguishing styles. Rydgren`s distinctive and bold compositions are often created with acrylics on canvas. 

Rydgren connected with art at a young age by spending almost every day painting and working with ceramics and different kinds of textiles in her grandmother ́s studio. Her grandmother had a big influence on Rydgren. She was not only a big part of her upraise but as an artist and dressmaker, she introduced Anna Sophia to creativity and craftsmanship. Later, Rydgren explored interior design, media, and marketing, but she was not feeling fulfilled. She ventured into fine art and is now working as a contemporary artist in multidisciplinary fields such as painting,

sculpture, and collage.

Her abstract art is strongly influenced by her roots and inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and design. Across all disciplines, Anna Sophia Rydgren’s unique works explore the relationship between positive and negative space and are impacted by sleek, bold linear, and organic forms. Her compositions appear modern, bright, and polished with vivid colors alongside minimalist and graphic shapes.

In creating well-finished, often 3D sculptural or multilayered artworks, Rydgren encourages the observer to take a closer look to understand the balance and precision involved. At the same time, her abstract minimalist works invite the viewer to take a break from the fast and busy world around us, to reflect, feel a sense of calm, and see beauty.

Anna Sophia Rydgren has exhibited widely in European cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussel, Milan, Marbella, and Stockholm. Her work belongs to numerous private and public collections, also among US Celebrities and fashionable hotel projects in the US.


ARTEOMAGAZINE N. 1 - December 2022

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist? How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

As born and raised in a very creative home has the creativity always been with me , but as life can take you on different paths I studied marketing and art at first, and later went to study interior design. I worked with this but I longed back to a more authentic life, for me a slower and more creative daily’s life, working with my hands and heart is key for me, it makes my soul grow. So now I worked full-time with my art and I couldn’t be more close to my self. 


What is your motivation behind your works?

My motivation and inspiration comes most often from nature, the organic lines and feel and also from  architecture. I am a simple person like that, you can find me so happy collecting shells on the beach, admiring roots and trees in the woods or jumping of joy over a new architectural book. Small simple thing in life makes me happy.  

That is visible in my art , the simple often monochromatic works there I sculpture fabric is made to search for the light and the shadow and let the play together. As I am multidisciplinary I also work in acrylic and more geometric works. I feel that this two styles nurture each-other in my artistry. 

What do you want your art to convey to the people?

A moment of calmness’s and contemplating, stillness, a place to let the thoughts fall. Let the mind explore how the light and shadows interplay, and the minerals and texture add an authentic organic feel. For my acrylic art its a space and no space play with bold lines and forms, often inspired from architecture and the nordic design. 

Advice for artists or anyone pursuing an art career?

Dive into it, make it happened and create as often as you can, don’t judge your art, let it be lessons on the journey. Find your inspirations and have your sketchbook with you and write down your ideas right in that moment as they appear so you can start working. Get out there and show your art and process. Connect with other artists and share your art and techniques, it is great to have artists friends  on your journey. 

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