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Anna Weichselbaumer

Anna Weichselbaumer

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About Anna

“Painting can be a language of its own. I think painting is also a way for communicating. I especially like to paint people and abstract pictures, because it is particularly important to me to communicate that despite our differences, we are all the same. We all have dreams, ideas, experiences and have the ability to understand others. Maybe it’s about stimulating and also to question things.”


2002-2008 Art studies Art University Linz-Austria 

- Exhibition 2006 best off 06

- Professional association visual artist 



- Book: Even without a partner Autumn's Publishing House


2021 December Boomer Gallery London


2022 Januar Art Magazineium


Pocket Star Galerie 

- Revival  

- Group Art Exhibition

- Online Exhibition


Juli 2022



- Artwork Gallery / Exhibition: Power – Artwork Gallery

- Barbagelata / Freedom Exhibition - Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation

Pocket Star Gallery

- Worlds of thought – Pocket Star Gallery

- International Art Exhibition. Lines and colors - YouTube

Culturally Arts Coll

- Digital - Issue 19 Summer 2023 | Culturally Arts Coll

- Digital - Issue 19 Summer 2023 | Culturally Arts Coll


Art Lacuna Festival 

- Artsteps / The Rupi Kaur Gallery of Technological Metamorphosis

- Artly Mix Chrome / Chroma Exhibition (


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