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Amanda Kowalski

Amanda Kowalski

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About Amanda

Life, in my case, has been a tapestry of experiences, with a touch of destiny’s unpredictable hand.  

In 2020, my mother's painful passing from cancer left me feeling lost and empty. Only ten months later, Covid-19 took my father, adding to the pain. I initially lacked direction, but fate had lessons in store that would redefine my perspective. The suffering was the catalyst for a profound shift in my energy, setting me on an unexpected path of self-discovery. 

I found salvation in colors: they became my refuge, embodying the positivity I craved. This realization marked the beginning of a new chapter, one I love to call “Bold Strokes”. 

As I embraced colors, each stroke became a tangible manifestation of resilience and newfound purpose: through stages of desperation and depression, I realized I needed to heal from within. The search for something positive to surround myself led me to colors. 

My wish is to share the human spirit's capacity to find beauty and strength in the most unexpected places. Today, through the journey of "Bold Strokes," I invite you to channel pain into power, and sorrow into strokes of colors. 

The word "bold" suggests courage and the willingness to tackle your inner self. It's about breaking free and embracing one's uniqueness. "Strokes" it's the link to art, but it also tells about the strokes of life—the experiences, challenges, the vulnerability and the moments that shape us. 

"Bold Strokes" symbolizes a journey of transformation, and an invitation to start a journey of resilience. It reminds us that life's canvas is vast and open, waiting for us to paint our stories with courage and creativity, finding beauty in imperfections, and channeling pain into something positive. Each brushstroke weaves a narrative of healing, hope, and the boundless potential that lies within us all. 


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