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Aki Sakagami

Aki Sakagami

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About Aki

Life Energy-HADO to Art.

In 2020, Aki Sakagami had a sudden brain hemorrhage and underwent major brain surgery.

After the surgery, she realized: ”I have to love and live myself properly!” The moment she realized this, her talent for wave art blossomed. That is how she started her career as a HADO artist. She believes that HADO/波動 is the frequency and energy emitted by all people, animals, objects, and things. Aki visualizes it in her original way and draw it as art. She named it HADO art. She believes that when all people on earth who see her HADO art realize the importance of believing in themselves, loving themselves, and living their own lives, true peace will come. Aki creates her art with such a prayer in mind.


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